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Historia från överlevande i Auschwitz

Survivors of the death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, Sioma Zubicky shared their memories in a profound way in a lecture in the Baptist church.

Överlevande från Auschwitz

We were 992 people on freight wagons, September 2, 1943 was transferred from Paris to Auschwitz. Once there was transferred 338 of us set off for tattoo and slave labor.
The other 654 were gassed the day, among them my mother and my brother. Thirteen of us survived.

So begins preferably at Auschwitz survivor Sioma Zubicky held in Baptistkyrkan.Det is silent among the more than 100 young audience when they take part of Sioma Zubickys personal recollections of the Holocaust. But as a starting point he takes evil in the present. Namely terrorism in all its forms: atheist, religious, in small groups or government. Both the US and Russia, Israel and Palestine get their hoses. The conclusion Sioma Zubicky come up with is that terror can never be fought with terror, one can not solve violence with violence.
He is 77 years but very energetic and often joke, despite the heavy subject. Zubicky has lectured for 12 years so he has experience and manage to keep students’ attention even when he draws up the historical backgrounds and their own upbringing as a xylophone playing prodigy (!) Who supports his family.

Memories affecting.

But when the topic is that freight wagon and the arrival at Auschwitz, needed no routine to be anxious, just memories sharp and relentless contours: the sweetish smell from the ovens, of which the last words he said to his mother, an irritated: ”Move you!”. There, on ursållningen on the platform, it was the last time he saw his mother and brother.
What perhaps concerns most is still the report on how the gassings happened, how tricked prisoners into thinking they were showering, how locked the doors and threw Cyclon B, how long death struggle took, how bodies always ended the same way, the kids at the bottom, then the women and the chief men. All told very businesslike and maybe that is why so scary. For it was precisely as factory-and the thought that went through because it is so unspeakably inhumane.

It could happen again.

He will also address a topic that affects today’s schoolchildren more directly. Bullying.
It is exactly the same mechanisms behind the bullying behind Nazism, bullies would have been excellent camp guards, points out Sioma Zubicky.
He concludes delivered with a question:
Can it happen again?
Zubickys answer is:
Yes, if we are not constantly on guard against our prejudices.
Yes, if we do not take personal responsibility for our actions and react against violence and injustice, wherever they arise.

Few eyewitnesses left.

Sioma Zubicky think they have noticed that Nazism has begun to pick up again.
When I gave lectures in a school outside Stockholm sat a group of girls of Nordic origin and listened. Afterward they asked how I knew that my mother was gassed, I was not .. They also asked how I knew that Anne Frank’s diary was true.
There are not that many left of those who survived the concentration camps. And the day will come soon when no witnesses are left to share their memories. Then those who would argue that the Holocaust is a lie and who will prepare the way for a return of Nazi tendencies get a little freer rein.
I personally think that if you seriously believe that the Holocaust did not take place as it has some kind of defect in the head, says Sioma Zubicky. There are so many testimonies, the buildings are there, Auschwitz’s even named a World Heritage Site!
This was the ninth time Zubicky was in Finspång. Except in Sweden, he lectures in Finland, France and – Germany. After the visit to the Baptist church he attended a lesson on Bergska where he answered students’ questions.

By Patrik Selsfors.